Vegan Subscription Box

...saving the planet one box at a time.

Frozenly Vegans’ subscription boxes are filled with delicious, alternative foods that are of course, 100% vegan. We only supply the highest quality, branded products that are certified Vegan, ethically and sustainably manufactured and absolutely scrumptious. See our current collection of subscription boxes below – there is something for everyone.

All of our boxes include shipping and a variety of high quality, vegan brands, including:

Thinking of trying veganism?

You're Epic!

Let us change your mind about being vegan. We know change can be difficult at times, but if Olympic gold medallists, iconic TV and movie stars, legendary documentarians, worlds strongest men, Guinness world record holders and  your neighbour are turning vegan, there has to be something to it right?…Correct!

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Yes...Vegan and Gluten Free!

We Get It!

Vegan AND gluten free? We’ve got you! This box is filled with delicious products that are suitable for your dietary requirements. So just select box, sit back, and let us do the leg work for you.

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Can't Go Without The Bacon?

What's New?

Meat lover? Or just a bit alternative?! From chicken burgers to bacon, this box is filled with amazing products that are not only delicious but better for both you and the planet.

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